Thursday, 15 August 2013


Coming back from India really took it out of me - I was travelling pretty much for 4 days and dealing with jet lag too.  I don't function well when I am over tired, and on top of that, having managed to avoid stomach problems while in India I came down with something involving horrible stomach cramps as soon as I got home.  Not a happy few days...

It is very important in challenging moments to focus on the positive.  I have not done much for the last few days, but have really enjoyed falling asleep on the sofa and generally relaxing completely!  Today, the daughter got her AS results, which were fine (if a bit mixed) but she got an A in her English!  A really happy moment.

I was thwarted in trying to buy brioche for breakfast (a sudden craving).  Is there a world shortage or something?  I bought muffins, though (the proper, doughy bread toasting sort, not a big fairy cake) and enjoyed eating those.  Simple pleasures.

Daughter is at work, and I will be cooking her favourite mash for tea (probably with sausage and onion gravy) and I think I will open some fizz to celebrate her results.  We are going to York tomorrow for an Open Day, so I should have an enjoyable weekend!

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