Thursday, 17 April 2014

Coffee with a friend

Lovely day today so far!  Waiting for the daughter to get back from a long drive, so a teeny bit stressed at the moment.  This morning I went into town to pick up a parcel and find a present for my dad's birthday.  The weather wasn't quite up to yesterday's, but it was still warm enough to be coatless, and picking up the parcel meant I got a good incidental walk from where I parked the car.  I was then able to meet a friend, J, for a seriously good mocha at a local coffee shop and a catch up.  We are both still tired from the term, although J is pregnant so has a better excuse than me!  We chatted, moaned a bit and looked at the lovely Welsh blankets on sale in the shop part of the cafe.  Lovely.  I enjoyed the jazz music playing in the background, too, and the way the cafe makes everyone sit at long refectory tables so people have to be sociable!  I managed to get a book dad might like in town afterwards - it;s one you can just dip into, with separate stories of Welsh history.  Then I bought myself a salad bowl and very posh sausage roll affair from a baguette takeaway place.

I plan to have a sparkly drink in a bit - not fizzy, actually sparkly with bits of gold leaf!  It's a cinnamon vodka and the gold bits just float about in it.  It's so pretty!  I mix it with apple juice and lemonade to make a long drink and it is truly delicious.  I'm running a bit low now, so need to buy more.

Pretty drink - not showing the gold leaf as well as I'd like, but hey ho...

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