Monday, 2 September 2013

Back to work...

Well, back to school today, so I need to get back to writing this regularly - holidays are over!  It was really hard going back after the summer break, especially as training days tend to lead to information overload and a boggled brain!

It was lovely, though, to catch up with colleagues, especially the Spotties (a group of friends who offer great support along with plenty of cake and tea in a  - sometimes- spotty teapot).  I had lots of compliments for my top, one of the ones I had made for me in India this summer, and compliments are always cheering.  After the session the Spotties went out for cake which was lovely.  Later I am going to go for a walk around the Otter Trail.  It looks so beautiful at this time of year with delicate purple seed heads on all the reeds and it is sunny and warm here this evening.  Exercise always lifts my mood, and at the start of term I need to be very aware of my mental equilibrium!

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