Monday, 9 September 2013


Sunday was quite relaxing, and the drive to pick up the daughter was stress free, which is always good.  We met after the close of the supermarkets, so in McDonald's - I'm not a big fan of the food, but the ice cream...well, let's say I don't mind that.  I had a Malteser McFLurry.  Lovely.

Today has been quite busy, with school, a meeting and then helping the daughter and her friend prepare for a mock EU conference.  I now know more about Malta's views on the expansion of the EU than seems strictly necessary for someone outside the Maltese Foreign Office!  It's quite satisfying though. 

I relit my Aga yesterday, so the house is cosy and I can dry my washing.  the house just feels...alive when the Aga is on.  It makes a massive (if undefinable) difference.  I love it.  I'd never have had one except there was one already fitted in my house when I bought it (don't imagine a large farm house - my house could be voted least likely to have an Aga!) but I couldn't be without one now.

I am currently watching rubbish telly (Buffy repeats!) and drinking tea, so thinks are just about perfect for the time being - until I have to go back into the salt mines tomorrow, anyway...

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