Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Let me eat cake!

First day of the holidays!  I woke early as usual but it was absolutely lovely not to have to rush out if bed and get ready. I did get up at about 7.30, but was able to have quiet cup of tea, watch some stuff on my Sky planner and Mumsnet a bit. Small pleasures! 

Later, I went into town with the daughter and bought myself some new underwear from my friend Wendy Knickers (not her real name...) and went for coffee and cake. The remains are in the picture. Definitely something to be happy about!  

On the way home I called at my aged parents and sorted out their Internet needs  and cheered mum up with some Peanut Brittle I had seen in town. Good deeds for the day - check!

Daughter and I then tidied up the mess which tiredness at the end of term had wrought on the living room. Virtuous much?

So, several things to make me feel good...

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