Friday, 19 July 2013

Teenage heroes

A short post today as I am on my phone and I struggle to type on it!  I am away for the weekend with the daughter and her friend. We are going to watch the premier of musical written by her dad tomorrow, so that may well be tomorrow's good thing (here's hoping, anyway!)

Teenagers have given me several moments of positivity today. They get a bad press and I often moan about them, but every now and then they really impress me. We have a bit of a hard year at school this year, with three families losing their mothers to cancer. One of them decided to raise money for the organisations which had supported them, so today in 30 degree heat teams of Y10 pupils pushed a hospital bed. They were respectful and supportive and altogether lovely!

I am now sitting on the shade listening to some very talented teenagers singing musical theatre ( it's a rehearsal, not random singing!). 

I could really do with it being the end of term, but the teenagers have cheered me up!

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