Sunday, 21 July 2013

Theatrical life.

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday as it was a bit full on!  I have been staying at the ex-husband's house as he has written a musical and we (me, daughter, daughter's friend) were going to see its first performance.  It is a bit odd staying with him and his wife and kids, particularly as his wife was the 'other woman' in our break up, but I have got over myself about that after so many years.  Anyway, the show was excellent - really funny and engaging.  Trouble is, somewhat ironically considering what I wrote in my first blog post, it featured a couple with a (slightly) unfaithful husband!  A bit close to home at some points, and I got a stomach lurch or two.  However, it was still a generally uplifting experience and it was lovely to see my daughter so proud of her dad.  An old friend was in the cast, so I got an opportunity to catch up with him, too, and his admiration of the way I get on with the ex was cheering.  We went out for curry afterwards and I wasn't in bed until 2am, so I am a bit knackered to say the least.

Today I have driven home (4 hours) with the daughter and friend playing young people's music in the car.  Daughter has an iPod I can get along with, but the friend's was a bit trickier!  Before leaving, though, I had chance to catch up with a very well established (trying to avoid the word 'old') friend, Helen.  We met at Primary School but don't get many opportunities to meet up these days.  We had a cup of tea and a good old chat and moan - very cheering is a good moan!

I took some pictures of Lichfield cathedral when we were there yesterday intending to post them here, but I haven't got them onto m y computer yet.  Oh well.  Anyway, I have poured myself some wine to help me get over the weekend, so I'll go off and drink that now...

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